What is a water blob, and where do you get one?

Rising temperatures have made it more challenging than ever to enjoy summer. Still, something comes along every so often that makes the summer heat easier to endure. TikTok made a massive fuss about an interesting water blob product that helps you stay cool. But what is it, and why is it so popular?

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What you should know about water blobs

What is a water blob?

If you enjoy tanning outside, you know it’s easy to overheat. A water blob is a polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, mat you fill with water and lie on. Many have built-in sprinklers you can turn on to stay cool in the heat. Additionally, it’s an excellent way for your children to play in the water if you don’t have a pool. Most water blobs are durable enough for children to bounce on without popping.

Why are water blobs important?

When you get hot, you cool down naturally as you sweat. According to the National Institutes of Health, sweat cools your body as it evaporates and lifts the heat away. Interestingly, water on your skin has the same effect. Mayo Clinic says health care workers often treat people who have overheated by misting their bodies with cold water; as the water evaporates, it cools them by pulling heat away. Additionally, submersion in cold water lowers your core body temperature.

A water blob provides multiple ways to cool down, as you can lie in the water while being sprayed simultaneously. Still, it’s essential to apply a waterproof sunscreen before using it. As the water reflects the sun’s rays, it increases the likelihood of being burned.

How did water blobs become so popular?

The water blob craze began in March 2022 when TikTok users started spotting them in local stores. Some found them at Target for $30, and others in Walmart for $150. User @whittneybree shared a video of her find and said, “It keeps you cool while you tan.” Another user said he would use his for stargazing. The trend quickly went viral as more people found water blobs in stores and online.

Water blobs for kids

Although adults have become fond of water blobs, they were initially designed for children. Kids can bounce and play on the blob while cooling down. Many are long enough to be used as a waterslide and durable enough for multiple children to jump on simultaneously.

What to look for in a quality water blob


If you’re buying a water blob for your children to play with, it’s best to buy a safe one. Choosing one that’s durable enough for kids to jump on without busting will prevent slips and falls. Many have beams that run along the bottom to keep them from rolling up or flipping over. Setting your blob up on a tarp or mat in your yard reduces the likelihood of sticks and rocks puncturing it.

Fun design

Blobs with attractive designs are ideal for taking selfies while you lounge. Many feature interesting, multicolored patterns. Consider one with fun sea-creature designs if you’re buying a blob for your children.


Most feature sprinklers on at least two of the four sides. If you’ll use this feature often, it’s best to choose a mat known for quality sprinklers. In some cases, water leaks from the valve you screw the garden hose into, meaning you’ll need good water pressure for the sprinklers to work.

Some blobs resemble kiddie pools and can be filled with water for you to lie in. These often don’t feature sprinklers but are ideal if you’d rather submerge yourself in water.

Water blob FAQ

Do water blobs float?

A. In many cases, they aren’t designed to float. Most are meant to be filled with water and plugged into a hose. Still, numerous pool float beds function similarly to a water blob.

How long does it take to fill up a water blob?

A. This depends on the size of the blob. Most hold over 200 gallons of water. In many cases, you can expect it to take around 20 minutes.

Do you have to use the sprinklers on a water blob?

A. No, if you prefer not to use the sprinklers, you can simply fill the mat up. You activate the sprinklers by plugging a garden hose into it. So as long as you don’t screw a hose in and turn it on, you won’t have to worry about the sprinklers.

Can you make a homemade water blob?

A. You can make a homemade blob with a tarp, duct tape and other materials. Still, it takes a lot of effort and won’t be as durable as those made by professionals. In many cases, buying a water blob is the best way to ensure it’s safe and that it lasts.

Can you dry the inside of the water blob after using it?

A. Most have multiple valves you can use to drain the water from the inside. Still, most people haven’t had luck drying the interior thoroughly.

Can you use a water blob on a concrete patio?

A. Although most are durable, it isn’t recommended to use them on a concrete patio, as it may pop a hole in the mat. Additionally, if children are playing on the mat, they may slip and fall. If a child falls while playing on their blob, it’s best they fall onto grass or another soft surface.

Best multipurpose water blobs

H2O Go Color Splash Inflatable Water Blobz

H2O Go Color Splash Inflatable Water Blobz

This is large enough to lie on comfortably or for numerous children to play. It features a colorful design and multiple drain valves. The internal beam keeps the blob stable while in use. Although it’s relatively expensive, many were impressed with its durability. 

Sold by Amazon

H2O Go The Blobzter

Bestway H2O Go The Blobzter

With sprinklers on multiple sides, this model is ideal for those who want to be sprayed while lounging. It is 15 feet long and can be used as a slip and slide. Some had issues with it ripping after a few weeks, but most people had no problems if they put it away when they were done using it. 

Sold by Amazon

Rey Inflatables Adult Tanning Pool

Rey Inflatables Adult Tanning Pool

Although it doesn’t have sprinklers, it can be inflated and filled with water for lounging or play. It’s a little over 6 feet long and easy to fold down and store while not in use. 

Sold by Amazon

Best water blobs for children

best EpochAir Splash Pad Sprinkler

Growsland Splash Pad Sprinkler

This features a fun design with fish and dolphins. It is easy to set up and has sprinklers on all four sides. It leaks slightly where the hose attaches, but the sprinklers work fine if you have decent water pressure. It’s an ideal size for toddlers. 

Sold by Amazon

Mademax Upgraded 79-Inch Splash Pad

Mademax Upgraded 79-inch Splash Pad

It features a fun, round design and is available in blue or pink. It doesn’t fill with water, making it safer for children than other options. It only takes about five minutes to set up. It has a strong plastic smell when you first open it, but the scent fades with time. 

Sold by Amazon

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