HOUSTON (KIAH) – Free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa just finished his seventh season with the Houston Astros, and now he’s got a new beginning with wife Daniella.

The two just announced the birth of their son Kylo. The announcement was posted on social media where the caption reads:

You’ve changed my life forever. I LOVE YOU, my SON 💙

Happy 2nd Anniversary @daniellardzz. You’re the rock of this family. Thank you for being the funniest and the hardest worker in the house. Love you baby

Wife Daniella also posted the same photo captioning:

I never knew love like this existed. You are literally what I breathe for now 🙏🏼 Happy 2nd Anniversary to the man that made me a mother❤️

Correa remains one of the top free agents in baseball, but cannot sign anywhere until a new CBA is agreed on by the owners and players. The Yankees, Braves and Astros are among the teams interested in signing Correa.