HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Houston Astros released a new special new uniform that enhances the city’s moniker of “Space City.”

The team released its Nike City Connect uniform on Sunday, acknowledging Houston’s connection to space travel and its history, with a unique uniform that mixes the Astros’ past and future.

The unis have “Space City” in front in space-type lettering, with a grid pattern on the sleeves that resembles the star charts astronauts and experts use. The uniform is in the Astros’ colors of blue and orange, with rainbow socks at the bottom, a tribute to the popular Astro jerseys that the team wore in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Our City Connect uniform links the past and the present, making the old new, with a nod to our city’s great history of space travel. The Astros retro elements with a forward-thinking approach matches the constant pursuit of new opportunities and extraordinary wins that represent the great city of Houston,” said Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Anita Sehgal.

“This uniform is a thank you to our fans for their relentless support to the Astros and to growing our great community – we don’t see this as just a uniform, but as a movement for our city and we are excited to share it today.”

The hat also has the traditional Astros logo of the “H” on top of a star, but an added planetary track, similar to the Astros’ logo in the 1960s and 1970s.

The team will wear the City Connect uniforms for the first time on Wednesday, April 20 at home when Houston faces the Los Angeles Angels.

Fans have already purchased several items of the new uniform as the Astros held its FanFest on Sunday at Minute Maid Park.