HOUSTON (KIAH) — Once again, Houston businessman and big Astros fan Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is putting big money down that his favorite baseball team will be champions at the end of the 2022 season.

Monday afternoon, McIngvale hedged against his highly successful “Win it All” promotion at his Gallery Furniture stores and placed an additional $2 million bet that the Astros will win the World Series. 

Mack crossed the state lines in Lake Charles, Louisiana and made the wager with Barstool Sportsbook. His win will be $10.6 million.

In May, Mack placed a $3 million wager at 10-to-1 odds with the Caesars Sportsbook app, with a potential pay of $30 million, and another $1 million at 12-to-1 odds with the WynnBET app, with a potential payout of $13 million. The $30 million payout from Caesars would be the largest win at a legal sportsbook ever.

McIngvale has been placing big bets on the Astros in the past, including another $2 million last year when the Astros lost to the Atlanta Braves in the 2021 World Series.

Mattress Mack lost up to $15.4 million on sports gambling earlier this year, but won $12.2 million when he bet on Kansas winning the college basketball national championship game over North Carolina in April.

He also bet $9.5 million on the Super Bowl in February, but lost when the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals, a new record loss.

But McIngvale did win a $3.46 million bet in 2021 for Super Bowl LV when Tampa Bay beat Kansas City.