HOUSTON (AP) — The retractable roof at Minute Maid Park will be open for Game 2 of the AL Division series between the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins Sunday night.

Houston manager Dusty Baker was asked how much input players and staff had into the decision.

“The staff and players, none,” he said. “That’s a league decision.”

It will be just the second time this season that the roof will be opened for a game as temperatures in Houston are normally too hot for games to be played with it open.

After a brutal summer, temperatures have dipped this week in Houston and it was expected to be 73 degrees at first pitch Sunday night.

Baker said that the park plays differently when the roof is open.

“The wind comes in and bounces off of this and goes back out to that, similar to the roof playing different with Milwaukee with the panels open or even Arizona when it travels a little different,” he said. “Anytime there’s a circular building, that’s creating kind of a wind tunnel, flags might be going this way and wind is actually going that way.”