SUGAR LAND, Texas (KIAH) — It’s now official, the Sugar Land minor-league baseball team will be now known as the Space Cowboys.

The announcement was made Saturday with several fans at Constellation Field. The team formerly known as the Sugar Land Skeeters made the change to be more closely aligned with its parent team, the Houston Astros.

Sugar Land baseball players Chad Donato, Korey Lee and J.J. Matijevic pose with the new Space Cowboys uniforms. (CW39 Houston)

The new logo and color scheme were revealed to the media an hour before the public event, with Astros prospects Chad Donato, Korey Lee and J.J. Matijevic showing off the new uniforms.

Space Cowboys was selected by the Astros, who has majority ownership in the Sugar Land team, as a mix of Houston’s cowboy culture and as the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

“We are excited to be launching the new identity for our Triple A affiliate, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys,” Anita Sehgal, Astros senior vice president of marketing and communications, said. “Today represents a new chapter of professional baseball in Sugar Land and the next step to take as the team moved from its independent ball roots to affiliated Triple-A baseball. 

“Our goal was to clearly reflect a strong connection to the Astros family, but also stand out as a unique identity aligned with the vibrant, progressive, and family focused values of the City of Sugar Land community.” 

The new colors of light blue, navy, orange, gray and black will represent the Space Cowboys, who will start the 2022 season in their second year as the Triple-A affiliate of the Astros.