HOUSTON (CW39) – Post season college football, arguably on of the ‘most wonderful times of the year’ according to sports fans. Between the excitement of rooting for you alma mater and the bowl game celebratory events however, I think any average Joe can hop onboard this bandwagon. The glory of Bowl games for the players and the fans, is the fact that often there is lots of traveling involved. Sponsored games are hosted in famous stadiums with iconic reputations.

Clinching a bowl game position is sought after by teams after the post season. Often times the teams up for the match have a non-existing, or very short history of playing each other. Both travel to a host city to claim a title of their own.

For years now Houston has been a host city for these post season games, but like many other bowls, has altered though through time. This year the Texas Bowl will be played by Texas Tech and Ole Miss, a great match up!

For its first two debut years of 2000 and 2001 the Texas Bowl was named the galleryfurniture.com Bowl. (Did you really think H-town famous ‘Mattress Mack’, an ex-collegiate football player himself, wouldn’t find his way into this article?) In 2002, the game took on the name EV1.net Houston Bowl. After 2005, the bowl game did not return to EV1.net. The game management was turned over to the Texans! The NFL network changed the name to the Texas Bowl.

The bowl game had it location changed halfway through the journey. The galleryfurniture.com Bowl was played in the old Reliant Astrodome. In 2002 the game was moved to the Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, now NRG stadium.