HOUSTON (KIAH) — A year after winning The Masters and the PGA Championship in 1956, Jack Burke co-founded Champions Golf Club, just northwest of Houston.

The club was the site of his 100th birthday party on Sunday, where hundreds of people celebrated the world’s oldest living golf major tournament champion.

Burke estimates it’s been five years or so since he’s played a round, but he credits activities other than golf for his longevity.

“I work out every day — physical,” he said. “Eating, and I don’t drink. You just have to conduct yourself the way you want to be here tomorrow.”

Fellow Masters champ Ben Crenshaw was among the speakers at Burke’s party as was country music star Clay Walker.

Now 100 years old, Burke still goes to work at Champions as much as possible where he recruits new members.

He’s also quick to share some knowledge about the game that’s been at the center of his life since he started working as a caddy as a youngster.

“There’s four T’s in golf,” Burke said. “There’s tension, timing, tempo, and trust. You can’t play golf with tension.”