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HOUSTON — JJ Watt says team leadership hasn’t talked about it yet, but he’d assume the Texans will stand, arms locked together for the national anthem once again this Sunday.

“Our whole team chose to stand together and lock arms, and what it does is it shows unity,” Watt said. “We care about each other. An NFL locker room is one of the most diverse places you’ll find. There’s people from all different backgrounds, there’s people from all different family situations, there’s people from all over the country. I think that the one thing that I know is that we all care about each other and we all care about the issues and the values that each person deals with and each person holds near and dear to them. So, I think it sparked some great conversations. I think that it’s opened people’s eyes. The one thing I know is that I love every guy in that locker room.”

For more on Watt, this weekend’s game against Tennessee and quarterback Deshaun Watson, check out the video above!