HOUSTON (KIAH) Ime Udoka a former professional basketball player and now the head coach of the Houston Rockets. He’s going to be leading several young players on the court, but what about being a mentor? Udoka addressed his ability to also help mentor and help these players off the court as well.

“I think not only my playing career lends to certain things on the court, but I know what they’re going through off the court as well, being in those shoes.  Obviously, I was a role player journeyman so I don’t have the same responsibility some of these guys but we’ve all been through it. I think that’s a benefit that I can relate to them on these topics.”

Ime Udoka

He said that his own life experience could simply serve as a life lesson to young team players he will lead.  

“Being honest and upfront about what I went through and how your actions have consequences.  I can be a prime example of that but at the same time how you can kind of tackle that adversity and come out on the other side.

Despite his recent events over the past year, it’s resilience Udoka explains, that helped him through an experience that now serves as a life lesson he can pass along to young players.

“One thing I did learn is a true definition of resilient being resilient. Most people talk about how you overcome adversity and come back from it. However, what I learned through this process was being resilient is really avoiding putting yourself in certain situations in the first place. So talking to these guys about those things so some of the things I went through and how they can benefit from it.”

Ime Udoka