HOUSTON (CW39) — The Pearland Little League team has advanced to the Little League World Series with a 9-4 over Tulsa in the Southwest Regional Final on Tuesday.

The team now advanced to the national tournament, played in Williamsport, Pennsylvania., next week.

The game did have a touching moment, as a Tulsa player rose from a beaning incident to console an upset Pearland pitcher.

Righthander Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, was facing batter Isaiah Jarvis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tuesday when an 0-2 pitch got away from him and slammed into Jarvis’ helmet. Jarvis fell to the ground clutching his head as his concerned coaches ran to his aid.

After a few moments, Jarvis’ head cleared enough for him to walk unaided to first base. Meantime, Shelton stood on the mound staring at the ground in tears over what happened.

After a moment, Jarvis walked to the mound and put his arms around Shelton, telling him, “Hey, you’re doing great. Let’s go.” Shelton’s teammates and coach gathered around the pair to join in consoling the young righty.

The gesture drew a standing ovation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.