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(HOUSTON/CW39) — It’s a love made in sports heaven. And now two extraordinary athletes have tied the knot, starting an incredible married life together.

USA Gymnastics world champion and Olympic Medalist Simone Biles announcing on Instagram that she is now officially married to NFL football player, Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens.

After they both revealed the marries was near, after posting a photo of their Montgomery County marriage license, just a few days later, wedding pictures came to light.

While sharing the wedding photos of their happy day of marriage, Biles also announcing she will now include “Owens” in her full name on Instagram and Twitter. Biles-Owens also writing “I do,” on her social media pages too.

Biles and Owens first started dating in 2020, after reportedly meeting through the dating app “Raya”. In 2022, they announced their engagement.