Four Saints defensive players received gameday accountability from their Week 10 loss to the Vikings on Saturday. New Orleans is currently enjoying the last part of their bye week before coming back together to hopefully string together what's needed to get into the postseason in the final seven games of the year. Here's the players who received fines, the infractions, amounts, and when it happened.

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Week 10 Saints Fines vs. Vikings

  • Paulson Adebo, Unnecessary Roughness, $7,644 (Q2, 1:01) 
  • Carl Granderson, A Hit on a Quarterback, $16,391 (Q3, 11:46) 
  • Tyrann Mathieu, Unnecessary Roughness, $10,927 (Q4, 10:49) 
  • Alontae Taylor, Unnecessary Roughness, $9,097 (Q4, 5:37)

Typically, players get physical letters sent to them to notify them of the violations, and they can appeal any rulings that are made. Those appeals are heard by former NFL players Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, and their decisions are considered final and binding.

In case you ever wondered, the fines that the NFL collects are actually donated to the Professional Athletes Foundation, which supports Legends in need and the NFL Foundation to help further support the health, safety and wellness of athletes across all levels, which includes youth football and the communities that support the game.