PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are years removed from an incident in Cleveland that sparked plenty of controversy from both teams, but in their Week 11 matchup, it all resurfaced when the cameras caught a moment between an offensive and defensive lineman.

Most Steelers and Browns fans remember the infamous moment in 2019 when a brawl broke out between the two teams, centered around quarterback Mason Rudolph and defensive end Myles Garrett. The incident led to 33 players between the two teams being fined a total of $732,422 and Garrett being suspended for the remainder of the season. 

In the scrum, Garrett used Rudolph's helmet to hit the quarterback with. In Week 11, when the two teams faced off, quarterback Kenny Pickett's helmet was ripped off. And who happened to pick it up - Garrett. 

Garrett told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk after the game that Steelers rookie Broderick Jones ran up to him when he saw him with the helmet and made a joke about the incident. 

"If anyone shouldn’t have that helmet, you shouldn’t," Jones told Garrett. 

"Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful," Garrett replied. 

Today, Rudolph and Garrett are on good terms and have made up for whatever incident occurred in 2019. But for as long as the defensive end plays for the Browns, any time he touches a Steelers helmet, there will be flashbacks to that game. 

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