BATON ROUGE, La. – While Southern’s last game against LSU did not play out the way head coach Eric Dooley wanted, he’s quickly shifting his focus to the start SWAC play this week as he knows , each game in this conference is all too important.

“We can’t look in the rearview mirror. We’ve got to move forward and know what’s ahead of us. Everything that we set out to accomplish is still in front of us. But more importantly, we just need to go one and oh and that’s against Texas southern,” said Southern Football head coach Eric Dooley.

His returning players still vividly remember the last time they played the Tigers in Arlington.

“Oh, yeah, it definitely was a humbling experience for us. That last fourth and one play to ice the game we really thought we should have got that one and as as the offensive line we have to be able to, you know, get and get that one yard when we need it. So that’s that’s something that’s really sticking with us this week,” said Southern Football center Dallas Black.

“We feel like ya knows it’s a different approach this year. You know, we know that nothing’s going to be given to us. We got to go take it out there,” said Black.

The key will be containing another mobile quarterback in Andrew Body.

“Definitely out for a task we know we’ve got to do because we play against a quarterback like him every day. So, you know, you see got to stay disciplined against quarterbacks like this. That’s the main thing. They’re going to make plays, it’s the long game and you just got to make sure you stay disciplined just because he’s scrambling and running doesn’t mean he can’t throw a ball,” said Southern Football cornerback Benny McCray.

Playing against athletic quarterbacks like Jayden Daniels last week and BeSean McCray in practice every day are perfect preparation for a contest against a team like Texas Southern.