HOUSTON (KIAH) It was eventful day for new Houston Rockets coach Ime Udoka. He was asked about how he would mentor students. He was asked about why Houston? However, questioning kept steering back to his time with the Boston Celtics.

That’s when Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta attempted to put to rest any more questions about choosing Udoka. Team management explained they did their due diligence on all potential hires, including Udoka. There were also many opinions that were heard. However, one opinion that mattered the most, was the only one Tilman needed to finalize his decision.

National Basketball Association (NBA) did talk with Fertitta at length and during that discussion, gave their opinion about making Udoka the new Rockets coach. So what did the NBA say with regard to hiring Udoka as coach after his past situation with the Boston Celtics?

“The NBA told me that they felt very comfortable with Ime becoming coach of the Houston Rockets,” Tilman said Wednesday afternoon.