HOUSTON (KIAH) — This week, our own Brad Gilmore sets his sights on the stars, literally and figuratively! He’ll be sitting down with the brilliant Alejandra Marquez Abella, the director of the critically acclaimed film “A Million Miles Away”. The movie, which has captivated audiences worldwide, paints a vivid picture of the challenges and wonders of space exploration. But what’s even more fascinating is that its storyline draws inspiration from a real-life hero.

Joining the conversation is none other than NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez. His incredible journey from migrant farm worker to space explorer is nothing short of inspirational. The film beautifully captures his challenges, sacrifices, and the awe of floating amidst the stars, representing a dream come true for Hernandez.

Gilmore is expected to dive into the nuances of the filmmaking process with Marquez Abella, exploring her inspiration and the steps taken to ensure the film’s authenticity. With Hernandez by her side, we’ll get a firsthand account of the true events that fueled this cinematic masterpiece.

“A Millions Miles Away” for CW39 Spotlight

So, whether you’re a space enthusiast, a cinephile, or just someone who loves a good story, this episode is not to be missed. Tune in and get ready to be transported “A Million Miles Away”!