HOUSTON (KIAH) – On this CW39 Spotlight Brad Gilmore speaks with San Antonio, TX native, James Roday Rodriguez.

James Roday Rodriguez (Psych, A Million Little Things) is the producer of a new stage show called “Masters of Puppets.”

This is the story of how the fate of a billionaire marriage and a wrestling empire are all decided in one night. Everything is on the line for everyone inside and outside of the ring. It’s a winner take all battle that shows you what happens when money, love, and a real rough business fight it out on stage!

Speaking on the play James said “I have been a pro wrestling fan my whole life. From its humble beginnings in traveling carnivals to the billion-dollar industry that fills arenas across the world, one thing has always been intrinsic to its machinations: storytelling. Masters of Puppets peels back the canvas and gives us a peek at the shoots behind the works, and it’s absolutely electric. Ging Ging.”

“Master of Puppets” runs until June 11th at The Legacy Theatre in Branford, CT. Tickets and more information on the show can be found here.

To listen to the entire conversation with James Roday Rodriguez, listen here.