HOUSTON (KIAH) — “Who Done It: The Clue Documentary” seeks to solve the mystery of how “Clue”, a film based on a board game, was murdered at the box office but, in a shocking twist, found a fanbase with a passionate appreciation for the movie’s hilarious dialogue and incredible cast.

This week on CW39 Spotlight, Jeff C. Smith is a filmmaker who has always harbored a deep passion for cinema. From a young age, he dreamt of creating movies that would leave a lasting impact on audiences.  After graduating from film school in the late 90s, Jeff spent nearly 20 years working numerous jobs, none of which had anything to do with filmmaking.  His parents were not happy.   Despite the detour, Jeff’s love for movies never waned. In 2017, he made a pivotal decision to finally put his passion (and expensive degree) to use and make a film; albeit a film about someone else’s film.  Drawing inspiration from his own personal interests, Jeff chose to make a documentary about one of his all-time favorite movies, the cult classic “Clue.”

This decision showcased his deep appreciation for the unique and unconventional aspects of cinema that often define cult classics.  “Who Done It: The Clue Documentary” aimed to explore the enduring appeal of “Clue” and delve into the reasons behind its dedicated fan base.  The doc is now available to stream exclusively on Screambox (which makes Jeff’s parents happy.)