Carver Magnet High School presents ‘Purple Checkered’ and ‘World of Pattern’

The Art Spot
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This week on The Art Spot, we’ve been showcasing artwork by students over at Aldine ISD’s Carver Magnet High School.

Our first piece today is by 16-year-old Victoria Gonzalez, and it’s called “Purple Checkered.” Victoria says that this artwork is based on a checkered pattern that incorporates colors created from a color scheme that she formulated for her artwork. She says she chose this pattern because lately it’s been worn often, and she wanted to bring something popular into her optical art piece.

Our second piece today is by 14-year-old Braelyn Caldwell, and it’s called “World of Pattern.” Braelyn says that this artwork was created by drawing a self-portrait and using a mixture of watercolor, pattern and paint. Braelyn says she loves art because of how it pulls you into your own world.



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