Houston Weather – Snow in Texas, the full experience

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CW39 meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin takes part in snowball fight on LIVE TV. Madisonville, TX after snow falls in Texas 1/10-11/2021.

HOUSTON (CW39) CW39’s Carrigan Chauvin was north of Houston in the snow all morning with LIVE looks at conditions throughout Monday’s edition of CW39 NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC.

She built her own snowman…

She took us through Huntsville, and Conroe to get a look at traffic. She also shared some tips for keeping your pets safe for the winter.

She also came across an 18-wheeler accident with LIVE updates till it cleared.

Chauvin even took part in a snow ball fight on CW39 HOUSTON NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC. She interviewed children who were seeing snow for the very first time.

Now THAT’S what it’s all about!

Now once, things calmed down, she stopped by an untouched part of the area to give us a LIVE look at the sheer beauty of the snowfall in Texas, a true rarity. She also illustrated exactly how deep the snow is in some parts about an hour north of Houston.

Here’s a look:



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