Houston Traffic – The perpetual Ship Channel trouble spot

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HOUSTON (CW39) Do you use the Ship Channel Toll Bridge. Then you may be familiar with constant issued on that roadway.

Over on the east side of town, we are following a report of an accident on the beltway east side right around the Ship Channel Toll Bridge.

CW39’s Hannah Trippett took a closer look at this location that effects the morning commute.

We just about every day seem to have an issue in this part of town whether to stalled vehicle or an actual accident. No matter what there isn’t a whole lot of options for you to move over to the shoulder, and it is being listed as on the right shoulder. But no matter what it’s going to affect some of those main lanes so if you’re traveling southbound this morning, you’re trying to get towards 225, just be aware you could see some slow speeds here pretty soon. For the time being, looks okay, but just start thinking about leaving a little bit early.

CW39 Houston Hannah Trippett, NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC

Other than that, the other accidents that we were talking about earlier this morning, one on the West Loop on the Katy Freeway both have cleared and we are starting to see those speeds pick up.



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