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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Former NFL player Jake Thieneman discusses how much the persons who give the players water during the game get paid.

In a new clip he posted online, he reveals that waterboys are paid around $53,000 a year, plus perks. His video is starting to go viral as a result.

Back to the perks… They get gear, travel and getting to hang out with players.

It may sound like a lot for someone many believe just squirts water bottles and throws towels. There is actually more to the job. Waterboys are required to have a degree. They’re athletic trainers who usually have a degree. They are trainers on the athletic training staff. Degrees that qualify a waterboy include: Athletic training degress or Physical Therapy degrees. They learn to treat injuries help keep athletes healthy.

They also treat the injured players on game day and throughout the week. 

Here is a link to his video.