Hurricane Preparedness Week: Strengthen your home

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HOUSTON (CW39) – Hurricane Preparedness week continues. Today we are highlighting ways to strengthen your home from the storm.

One-hour quick fixes 

When it comes to strengthening your home, quick, simple tasks can add up to be very effective! If you are limited on time, but want to start knocking out some strategies to prepare for the damages of a hurricane, here are a few suggestions:  

  • Patio and Yard Inventory- these will need to be anchored down with the strong winds associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Any items in your yard can not only get lost or blown away in the strong gusts, but they can also pose a danger to your home/ vehicles/ other property. It only takes about an hour to bunker down that backyard trampoline or swing set to keep it from crashing through you living room window! 

One day tasks 

Have slightly more time on your hands? Here are some tasks that will minimize damage to your home that take about a day to complete: 

  • Landscaping- before a storm, cut back all tree limbs surrounding the perimeter of your home. This will save you from a much larger mess to clean up after the storm. It will also minimize possible projectiles in the case of strong winds.  
  • Clean your gutters- Your gutters are there to direct this rainfall away from your home and prevent flooding. They only work however, if they are clear of debris! Clean out any leaves and twigs that might have been dwelling in there all winter. While you’re up there make sure you don’t have any rusted-out spots, holes, or openings. 

Weekend gigs 

Over the course of one weekend, you can perform these preparations to your home before a hurricane strikes. This will take a bit longer to accomplish than our previous points, but it is one of the most important! 

  • Measure for Temporary Emergency Plywood Shutters- If a hurricane is headed your way and you do not have pre-installed hurricane shutters, you are going to want to board up with plywood. Pre-measuring your windows and areas you want to cover ahead of time can save you important time when supplies are limited, and a storm is nearing.  
  • REMINDER: Using masking tape on your windows is not helpful. Not only will this waste your time due to the lack of increased strength to your home. If the case arises that your windows do break, the tape will only promote the shards of glass to become larger blades. This is the last thing you want flying around your home as debris!  

Long term plans  

Wanting to invest in the safety of your home for the long term?  

  • Storm proof windows- if you have a lot of time and the funds necessary storm proofing your home with storm proof windows can be incredibly helpful. This is more costly, but in the end, it will be a long-lasting protective measure for your property. 

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