HOUSTON (CW39) HCSO, HCFMO, & Harris County District Attorney’s Office conducted a raid at an alleged illegal club/game room in

Deputies responded around 4 a.m. Friday morning to the address in the 13900 Reeveston Drive in north Houston, where units found alleged illegal gambling, illegal sales of alcohol, a chop shop, signs of possible prostitution, drugs & firearms at the location.

Authorities said several people are in custody that have ties to this location. they added that this location may allegedly be tied to a fatal crash from a few months ago. There may have also been several shootings in connection with this location as well.

Authorities said it is not uncommon for the location to run exchanges till 7 or 8 a.m. in the morning putting drunk drivers on the road in the early morning hours.

The DA’s office is expected to file multiple charges on the individuals at this location and may even attempt to permanently close this location. The Harris County Fire Marshall’s Office also found several building violations at this location.

This location has allegedly been operating without the proper licenses. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Harris County District Attorney’s office are all investigating the case.