Jan. 14: Networking opportunity for Veterans

The CW39 Houston

HOUSTON (CW39) — Network In Action is a national franchise that creates marketplace alliances via membership in elite groups — featuring a qualified business advisor and leadership business coach, to directly manage business owners for mutual benefit.

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NIA is launching the Veterans Business Force group that will be comprised of 25+ veteran-owned businesses in the Greater Houston area.

NIA’s revolutionary internal website and smartphone app allow members to pass and track referrals with ease, start discussions and post status updates. The app helps to streamline the referral process for NIA members by giving them the ability to connect in real-time. It is also the only networking organization offering a guaranteed return on investment through a simple calculation method based off members’ commitment to attending monthly meetings and passing referrals.

The Veterans Business Force will be holding its launch meeting on Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. in the Memorial City area. To make reservations visit, click here.



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