Till Dec. 24: Apply for FREE Comcast internet service for year

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HOUSTON (CW39) Houston City Council recently approved a $624,960 program to provide internet vouchers to low-income Houstonians. Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Health Equity Response (H.E.R.) Task Force has partnered with Comcast to provide approximately 5,000 vouchers to qualifying applicants from now until December 24, 2020.  This agreement will ensure qualifying applicants can continue to stay connected to the internet for education, work, and personal health reasons for one calendar year.

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of quality internet service particularly for those vulnerable populations who must stay at home to stay safe. This program will provide a lifeline for citizens that have struggled through the pandemic without internet access and a way to stay informed, connected and safe during these challenging times.

said Mayor Sylvester Turner

To qualify for the Internet Voucher Program, applicants must reside in the City of Houston and have a Comcast serviceable address. Applicants must also meet two additional sets of criteria. First, they must demonstrate that their total household income prior to February 2020 was lower than 80 percent of the Area Median Income. Second, they must be a member of one of the following groups: persons over age 65, persons with disabilities, households with children less than five years of age, or opportunity youth, defined as persons ages 16-24 who are not currently enrolled in school or participating in the workforce.



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