Water temperature along Galveston beach is finally over 70! Although the warmer water temperature may have you wanting to wade in a little deeper, keep in mind today’s flag status is yellow. Lifeguards urge you to stay alert when conditions are as they are today. Breezy offshore winds could make waters a little choppy, guards are telling beach goes ‘no inflatables’ for today. Winds will be out of the north near 25 mph with afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s.

Medium levels of bacteria were collected at Stewart Beach and Pleasure Pier. Counts at East Beach remain low. According to the Texas General Land Office, this accounts only for enterococcus (fecal) bacteria. Not naturally occurring brio vulnificus bacteria. As waters warm throughout the summer bacteria counts will likely rise. Be wary of open wounds if entering waters in these locations.

It is a sunny day, UV index will be high, 8.4 out of 11! Pack sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat to protect yourself along the coast. Sunglasses will also protect your eyes from the reflection of the bright sun off of the sand.