HOUSTON (KIAH) Divorce lawyers can be blunt.  One decided to call out a few good men, striking them off the list of recommended mates to marry. She also picked a more controversial group of folks to go after.

Now she’s catching heat on TikTok after naming the top jobs women should avoid in a spouse, because they tend to lead to the messiest divorces. he claims they’re all based on statistics and personal experience after 13 years in family law.

Lawyer says avoid men with these jobs

She says the jobs women should avoid in a spouse all have to do with men who tend to be more “narcissistic and controlling.”  The top five are:  Pilots . . . surgeons . . . FIREMEN . . . COPS . . . and members of the MILITARY. 

After the video went viral, people kept asking the woman who goes by “jettiegirl28” to name the top jobs for women that men should avoid.  So she did a follow-up but only named one.

Lawyer says avoid women with THIS job

She says she hasn’t seen the same issues with women who have those five jobs.  But the one job men should be scared of is stay-at-home MOM

Jettiegirl28 also says stay-at-home moms tend to go for broke in a divorce, because they’re worried about the kids and know their own financial security is at risk.

She obviously knew it would ruffle some feathers, because she ended that video by joking it might be her LAST TikTok post