HOUSTON (KIAH) Lots of people love rabbits because they can be cuddly and cute, and what better time to think about getting a pet rabbit than Easter time. However, there are many reasons not to add this fun creature to the family circle.

PETA Kids listed 9 reasons to avoid adding a rabbit as a pet for Easter.

Rabbits are fragile and a big commitment. The one you get may have been mistreated by the time it got to the pet store so it’s in a fragile mind set. Baby bunnies need their moms. They also get sick easily and need a lot of attention. Buying on for Easter may lead to boredom after about a week when they can live for more than 10 years. Also, as much as we see them in the wild, they should not be kept outdoors. Grooming is important and can be challenging and you have to rabbit-proof the home.

Some alternatives to buying a rabbit without actually having one, include stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, and hey, it’s a lot less maintainence.