HOUSTON (KIAH) Tuesday morning, three major accidents occurred on in North Freeway. Just Google “most deadly stretches of road in Texas,” and you’ll find out that I-45 the North Freeway is one of the top 10 most deadly stretches of highway in Texas.

Early Tuesday morning there were two major accidents on I-45 the north freeway inbound toward the north Beltway and the 610 N loop.

The one near the N loop occurred early around 5:30 AM. It involved eight vehicles hours mostly a Fender Bender. Soon after about 6:15 a.m., another accident occurred near the north Beltway. CW39 traffic anchor Hannah Trippett continues to monitor traffic all morning long to get you into town safely.

Lastly, a third accident … Hannah has details on all the traffic trouble in this quick wrap up.