HOUSTON (CW39) If you’re traveling last-minute for the 4th of July, we have some advice for travelers an affordable and luxurious travel alternative,

Even with gas hitting record prices, travelers are showing no signs of slowing down and many are determined to hit the road this summer.

July 4th is on pace to set travel records, with AAA predicting 47.9 million people scheduled to take a trip beyond 50 miles between the dates of June 30 and July 4. Texas’ major metros, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are on pace to be one of the top destinations this Interdependence Day.

Here are three helpful tips for those planning to travel on July 4th: 

  1. Ditch the Car. Cars are expected to be the predominant form of travel from June 30 to July 4. Consider intercity alternatives as it’s better for the environment, takes the stress out of driving, allows you to avoid the long security lines at the airport and takes the pressure off the wallet without compromising budgets, comfort, or safety. 
  1. Travel at Non-Peak Times. On a busy weekend, strategically travel when prices and traffic are expected to be less busy. Airports and highways will be overflowing with vacationers for July 4.
  2. Explore Destination Options. If you’re on the fence about one of the larger metros, consider smaller cities for a new experience.