HOUSTON (KIAH) — I-45 Northbound at Highway 242 in Montgomery County was shut down after an overnight accident on Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

Houston TranStar noted the report at 11:18 p.m. Tuesday night and the roadway was still shut down Wednesday morning for cleaning and an investigation.

At 4:30 a.m. all main lanes reopened.

A motorcycle, and several other vehicles were involved. As emergency crews arrived to the scene, the discovered bits and pieces of the motorcycle scattered across all lanes. The motorcycle rider was deceased in the feeder lane.

The motorcyclist was travelling at high speeds when striking a car leaving a shopping center parking lot. After the rider was ejected, the motorcycle continued to travel across the mainlines of the road, striking several other vehicles in coming traffic.

Police found another body in the southbound lanes during investigation.

This was the body of another driver who got out of his car as part of the motorcycle was blocking the roadway in front of him. At this time, another vehicle struck the parked car, killing the pedestrian. Upon the auto-pedestrian crash, the pedestrian was thrown into the opposing lanes across I-45.