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HOUSTON (CW39) — Could gas prices in Houston go up because of the Colonial Pipeline cyber hack on Sunday? For the inside scoop CW39’s Shannon LaNier asked Josh Zuber at AAA Texas.

The Colonial Pipeline is a 5,500 mile gas supply line that stretches from Pasadena to New Jersey and is responsible for half of the gas on the east coast’s.

Here is a map that shows the path of that pipeline that has now been shutdown due to a cyber attack on Sunday. The closure of the pipeline has already caused the average gasoline price to jump six cents to $2.96 in parts of the East Coast. So now people in our area are worried the same could happen here or worse, that we’d run out of gas.

Although experts don’t think prices in Texas will go up, they say the price here could possible go down b/c there is too much fuel here that can’t get out of the state. That in-turn could hurt the Texas economy b/c gas suppliers here could be forced to slow or halt production b/c of the backup. Officials are considering moving supply by train or ship if necessary. However, Colonial Pipeline hopes to be back up and running by Friday.