HOUSTON (CW39) – Careful on the roadways across Texas this weekend. The 2023 MS 150 will attract cyclist from across the country to participate in this massive fundraising event.

Bike MS is the largest charity cycling series in the country. Our community has raised an incredible $1.4 billion to fuel the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s mission to cure MS while empowering people affected by MS to live their best lives. 

If you are not used to riding and are participating in the event, you should probably catch up on the cycling lingo for your safety and the safety of those around you.

“On your left”: This means a rider is approaching your left side. Allow room to pass.

“Car back”: This means a car is approaching from the rear. All riders make an effort to move to the right of the road in a single file until the car passes. In most states, the law requires cyclists to ride no more than two abreast.

OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS: The golden rule of cycling in a group is be predictable!

  1. Ride in the right portion of the rightmost lane in the direction you are traveling.
  2. Look and signal before you move.
  3. Ride no more than two abreast and do not impede traffic.
  4. Hands on the handlebars.
  5. Pass with care.

You should take your health and safety as a rider into your own hands by fueling yourself properly and wearing the proper gear.

Head injuries are a special concern for cyclists. Even falling at a slow rate of speed can cause a serious head injury. Helmets must be on your head and strapped while riding in a Bike MS event. As for hydration… The rule of thumb is to drink one bottle per hour and supplement with sports drinks at least every third or fourth hour. If you find that you experience extreme fatigue, the inability to recover your energy or frequent muscle cramps, seek assistance from first aid — you may have the early signs of dehydration.

Map of the ride:

Check this detailed course map for individualized routes based on your start point.

WATCH: Linda Bates is the President of the South-Central National MS Society. She also joins CW39 NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC to speak about the importance of this event.