HOUSTON (CW39) Electric Vehicles are becoming very popular around the U.S. So it’s no surprise that the cost of charging up these E.V.’s would be of interest to many. Well new research show Texas is one place were charging your E.V. will save you some cash.

New research by Zutobi has looked at the charging station incentives and the cost to charge a Tesla Model 3 in each state. Turns out Texas is the 9th cheapest place to charge your electric vehicle. Here’s how the top 10 states break it down, when comes to cost to charge a Tesla Model 3.

The 10 cheapest states to charge an Electric Vehicle

RankStateCost to fully charge Tesla Model 3
10North Dakota$4.27
Courtesy Zutobi

So, why do the prices come out this way? Well, there’s a reason for the lower costing charges in different states. For example, research shows:

  • Louisiana tops the list as the cheapest location to fully charge a Tesla Model 3, the world’s most popular electric car. It costs residents just $3.76 to fill its 50 kWh battery, as the state has some of the cheapest electricity tariffs in the country.  
  • Up next is Oklahoma, costing just $3.82 to fully charge a Tesla Model 3, making it the second cheapest. Oklahoma enjoys cheap energy tariffs as a result of the abundance of fossil fuels in the state, which it uses to generate most of its electricity. 
  • Taking third place is Idaho, at only $4.00 to fully charge the world’s most popular EV. The state has some of the cheapest electricity in the nation as the majority is generated through relatively inexpensive and renewable hydropower.  

Further study insights: 

  • The U.S. offers the world’s most popular EV, the Tesla Model 3 at the lowest price, just over $39,000.
  • California has the highest proportion of EVs – more than 400,000 EVs registered in the state in 2020.
  • South Dakota has the lowest number of electric vehicles out of all states, only 410 vehicles are registered in the state. 
  • California and Indiana have the best charging station incentives and offer motorists a rebate of $2,500 to install a charging station.
  • Germany has the most generous incentive for buying an EV, offering a rebate of just over $9,000 for EVs. 
  • Norway is the cheapest country to buy an EV when it comes to the proportion of average income. The country also has the highest proportion of EVs.

The full research can be viewed here .