HOUSTON (KIAH) — Gas prices across all 50 states are dropping significantly and right here at home in Texas, prices here in Houston fell $0.30 a gallon lower than last month.

According to data from Gas Buddy’s Head of Petroleum Analysis, Patrick DeHaan, summer vacations are over and the Fall temperatures have started to kick in, so prices at the pump are much lower. As a result of less drivers on the road, the demand for gas has also decreased.

Top 10 Lowest Gas Prices around Houston

In an interview with CW39 Houston yesterday, DeHann said, ” The average is now $3 a gallon and just later this afternoon. I expect that the average will slip to $2.99 for the first time in several months. That’s the good news and even better news is it won’t stop here gas prices likely to continue falling.”

National Average Price of Gas

So far here in Texas, here are the gas price averages:

  • Houston- $3 per gallon
  • Corpus Christi- $3 per gallon
  • San Antonio- $2.87 per gallon
  • Dallas Fort Worth- $2.89 per gallon
  • Waco- $2.94 per gallon
  • College Station- $3.25 per gallon
  • Laredo- $2.97 per gallon

As far as why gas prices continue to fluctuate, DeHann says that the war between Russia, one of the largest oil producers globally and Ukraine has a lot to do with it. He says many countries refuse to buy their oil which leaves prices to stay elevated.