Houston Traffic – Gas prices soaring again

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[FILE] An unidentified person pumps gas into their vehicle

HOUSTON (CW39) Gas prices are up in and around Houston today. The Shell along the SW Frwy has regular at $2.34 a gallon for regular.

CW39’s Shannon LaNier was there this morning with a LIVE look. “I could not believe that price – so much that I had to get out of the car – come over here to the gas pump and I had actually look at it it does say $2.34 a gallon right there at the Shell gas station.

Funny thing is, right across the street there’s an Exxon gas station with prices at $1.99. Any way you look at it in Houston, prices are definitely going up and they’re are looking very different from what they were this summer.

So let’s just look at why this is happening because based on this information it’s interesting. Shannon spoke with the folks at AAA to find out why gas prices have soared. For the first time this week, gas prices have hit over $2 a gallon. In fact that’s the first time that’s happened in the last 300 days.

Watch the clip below to hear from AAA on why gas prices are rising and when we could see any decreases.



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