Houston Traffic – Gulf Freeway total closure this weekend

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HOUSTON (CW39) CW39 Traffic anchor Hannah Trippett here. Let’s talk about the Gulf Freeway! If you’re traveling southbound right now right around Calder or around League City pretty good. However, if you live in this part of town you’re very familiar with all the construction that is continuing to take place out in Galveston County. So here’s the thing this weekend…

Heads up! If you do live in League City just south of Webster, parts just south of west Webster near Dickinson… we’re following a major closure that starts tonight at 9:00p.m..

It’s all of the southbound lanes beginning at Calder going towards FM 517, so a very long stretch of road there.

As for alternates you can take throughout the weekend, you can hop on over to Highway 3 – take that southboun,d if you’re trying to get all the way towards Galveston. You can also take the frontage road. That is where all traffic will be pushed off to. So it’s going to be pretty busy out in this part of town if you’re running errands during the weekend.


It is a continuous closure meaning tonight at 9:00p.m. going all the way until Monday morning at 5:00a.m.. Those southbound main lanes on 45 the Gulf Freeway between Calder Road and FM 517 will be closed. Try to avoid this area if you can. Take highway 3 instead. But be aware that frontage road, if you do take 45, is going to be moving pretty slow.



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