Houston Traffic – Road Rule: What to do if you are in an accident

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CW39 NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC. Road Rules with CW39’s Maggie Flecknoe

HOUSTON (CW39) We have another Road Rule to share with you this morning. We see a lot of accidents each week on NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC. So we checked it with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office with today’s Road Rules of the day.

We asked, “we do if we’re involved in an accident?”


The first thing you want to think about is always going to be your safety. So if you’re on a public roadway, you want to move your vehicle off to the side of the road or into a parking lot where you’re safe from other vehicles.

You want to approach the other driver to see if there any injuries to them. Once you’ve ascertained, you want to call 911 and advise them of their location and the type of vehicles that are involved. Once you’ve done that you can speak with the other driver if you feel comfortable. If you don’t, you can remain in your vehicle into the police arrive. Once they come, they get all the pertinent information, have you guys exchange information and give you a case number, that you can give to your insurance company. They can handle things from there.


If you strike a pedestrian, things are the same he want to remain with the pedestrian. Make sure they’re attended to. Make sure they’re get medical attention if needed. The that same thing applies as far as the the officer responding in taking care of things.


If you strike a stationary object, such as a vehicle or pole or something, you do have a duty by law, to advise the person that you have struck their vehicle. You need to leave a note with your telephone number and name advising that person that they can contact you and go from there.

So of course safety first and just make sure you contact the police.



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