Houston Weather – 15° degree forecast for Houston this President’s Day

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HOUSTON (CW39) You can probably wait until Sunday afternoon to protect your plants and pipes. Late Sunday is when freezing temperatures begin to set in. Monday, President’s Day is when your 15° degree forecast for Houston is expected.

“This is going to be my plan this weekend as I start taking those preparations Sunday morning when we’re not quite down to freezing.”

Although farther north and west of Houston could be a different story, but by Monday morning we’re already seeing a hard freeze in the 20’s. We will stay below freezing all day Monday and then Tuesday morning this is going to be coldest time down to 15 degrees.

I think Tuesday during the day, we will get a little above freezing but Wednesday morning, we’re back down to at least a light freeze and by the way this 15° forecast would be the coldest in more than 30 years since 1989.

So Friday today, just a few scattered showers Farther northwest of Houston, out there they could be seeing some ice on Saturday but most of southeast Texas, ok just a little light rain. Icy conditions are expected farther north and west on Saturday.

The transition from rain to maybe some sleet or freezing rain is expected Sunday morning so we see it on our far western and northern area areas of Houston. Some of the suburbs may start to see a little ice on Sunday morning. As we go through the day, most of Houston is okay.

But Sunday night now around 10:00pm, we start seeing that ice really take over a good part of the city. So it starts Sunday night and continues probably throughout much of Monday, so just seeing that in the forecast right now when the icy conditions start to begin

If you can on President’s Day, stay off the roads. Monday, I think we really could see quite a mess here around Houston.

Maybe the north and west suburbs Sunday morning and then Sunday night is when all of Houston will be dealing with that.

Monday night you see another freeze possible. That continues right on into Monday as well into your 7-day forecast.

Tuesday night and Wednesday night as well.


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