Houston Weather – Start protecting your pipes, pets and plants

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HOUSTON (CW39) Right now we’re not seeing much rain. We of course had all that widespread rain heavy at times yesterday. Some thunderstorms. All that activity has now moved out into the Gulf and into the east. A little drizzle still mixed within the clouds though. So keep that in mind. Still kind of slick out there as you’re driving around. Yet warm enough to where it’s a little above freezing that’s all it takes to keep it in liquid form today.

It’s damp out there today, but at least for the majority of us avoiding the ice for now that will gradually change this weekend.

Real nasty stuff comes to Houston the early part of next week. We’re looking at the low temperatures here now starting into the weekend and into early next week when the real cold starts coming in Sunday into Monday.

You can probably wait until Sunday afternoon to protect your plants and pipes.

“This is going to be my plan this weekend as I start taking those preparations Sunday morning when we’re not quite down to freezing.”

Although farther north and west of Houston could be a different story, but by Monday morning we’re already seeing a hard freeze in the 20’s. We will stay below freezing all day Monday and then Tuesday morning this is going to be coldest time down to 15 degrees.

I think Tuesday during the day, we will get a little above freezing but Wednesday morning, we’re back down to at least a light freeze and by the way this 15° forecast would be the coldest in more than 30 years since 1989.

So Friday today, just a few scattered showers Farther northwest of Houston, out there they could be seeing some ice on Saturday but most of southeast Texas, ok just a little light rain. Icy conditions are expected farther north and west on Saturday.


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