HOUSTON (KIAH)— Many are celebrating throughout March Madness with parties across town and AAA wants to warn drivers that driving while intoxicated or impaired driving can cost you a hefty fine. According to TXDOT, you’re considered legally intoxicated in Texas once your blood alcohol concentration reaches 0.08 percent.

However, you’re considered breaking the law as soon as drugs or alcohol affect your ability to operate a vehicle. Your first offense of a DUI/DWI can cost up to $2,000. Here’s a total cost breakdown of what a first misdemeanor DUI conviction can cost you:

  • Fine (maximum)- $2,000
  • Probation fees (min 24 months)- $1,440
  • Vehicle Tow/Storage- $350
  • Alcohol Education Class- $100
  • DMV licenses re-issue fee- $100
  • Court Costs (fingerprinting, booking fee…etc): $400
  • Auto insurance Increase- $12,000
  • Attorney and legal fees (fees will vary)- $3,500
  • Bail- $300
  • Total Cost- $20,190

AAA spokesperson, Joshua Zuber says that AAA, ” wants to make sure that we avoid these needless crashes, injuries and deaths. The bottom line is get a safe ride home and plan ahead.” Watch for more!