HOUSTON (KIAH) – We all know people will hit the roads en masse for this holiday weekend, but where exactly will they be traveling? Enter AAA Texas with a weekend forecast for traffic.

Houston has it’s fair share of traffic prone spots, but beginning Friday expect I-69 Eastex Fwy between 610 and Lyons Ave. to see a 88% increase in traffic.

Over on the east side of town drivers trying to get from Sjolander St. to Crosby-Lynchburg should expect a 25% increase during this stretch on I-10. Finally, if you plan on taking a very long stretch of I-45 between between the North Loop and the South Loop, you will see a 37% increase in travel over what is considered normal.

Other areas not included that could also be busier than normal include I-45 over the causeway as drivers make their way to Galveston, as well as many side streets all over town.

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