HOUSTON (KIAH) — Construction of the Memorial Park land bridge tunnels is fixing to wrap up. One set of the tunnels will open in March and the other in April.

This is all apart of the Memorial Park Conservancy‘s Land Bridge and Prairie Project.

Shellye Arnold, the President and CEO of the conservancy says, “So really this started in 2018, 2019 in earnest and it’s 2022 and we’re almost done.”

There are four 450-foot tunnels, two on each side of the road. Traveling in between them right now you will see a lot of construction. Eventually you will see beautiful prairie and green spaces driving down memorial drive.

Aside from having a beautiful space for Houstonians to enjoy the outdoors, there are some benefits you may not notice, like how this will help prevent flooding in the area.

“While we can’t call this a flood prevention project, it will absorb more storm water than the ball fields the parking lots and even the forest that was in decline that was here,” says Arnold.

The reputation of Houston may be more aquainted with construction, but eventually when the project is complete, people will associate Houston with beautiful green spaces.

For more information on the entire project, click here.