HOUSTON (KIAH)– Beginning this week, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), AAA Texas and Houston police will work together on a safety tips for drivers ahead of a party.

MADD’s president, Tess Rowland has been involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving since 2021 when her life was impacted by a ‘wrong-way’ alleged drunk driver with drugs in the car.

The crash happened on her way to work on May 4, 2021 in Panama City Beach, Fla., where she was a TV news reporter. Now, as MADD’s National President, she’s working to empower others to make better decisions before planning a night out.

According to TXDOT, data shows that 1,141 people were killed on a Texas roadway by a drunk driver last year. AAA says that the goal is to remind drivers of the dangers of impaired driving.

If you’re looking for a safe ride home, AAA recommends that you find a designated driver ahead of a party or look for a Lyft or Uber ride.