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TXDOT says there were 1,214 crashes involving school buses last year.


HOUSTON (KIAH) – TXDOT says there were 1,214 crashes involving school buses and 11 people were seriously injured in school zone crashes in 2020.  That’s why the Texas Department of Public Safety is urging drivers and children to learn life-saving habits during National School Bus Safety Week.  According to TXDOT, the most common causes include speed and driver attention. 

School buses are the safest mode of travel for children to get to school, and drivers need to do simple but crucial things, such as not passing a stopped school bus and paying attention when they see a bus, to keep it that way.”

DPS Director Steven McCraw

The following are some of the tips DPS says you can take for school bus safety:

  • Limit what children carry and stick to what fits in their backpacks to lower the chance of dropping things in the road on the way to the bus stop.
  • Get children to the bus stop five minutes early so they are not rushing to make it the bus stop. This includes running to the bus, crossing the street illegally, running after the bus or running in front of it.
  • Parents should walk children to the bus stop if possible or encourage them to walk to the bus stop with other children to be more visible to drivers.
  • Make sure children know to look both ways before crossing streets and to watch for vehicles pulling out of nearby driveways.
  • Children should not assume traffic will stop just because a bus has its stop arm out and lights flashing.  Instead, make sure children always look both ways before crossing.
  • When drivers see a school bus, they should reduce their speed because children may unexpectedly step into the road without checking for traffic.

For a full list of tips from the Texas Department of Public Safety click this link.

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