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HOUSTON – Montgomery county wants to remind residents that they will increase No Refusal Operations Memorial day weekend between May 28-May 31. Driving while intoxicated and Boating while intoxicated enforcement will also take place on the roadways and Lake Conroe.

The goal of this initiative is to prevent boating and traffic related crashes and deaths caused by impaired drivers during this holiday weekend. The roughly 100 days between Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend is known as the “Deadliest Days of Summer” as areas across the country see an increase in alcohol involved traffic crashes and deaths.

“We want everyone to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend, but we want you to do it safely. Don’t put yourself and others in danger by getting behind the wheel of a car, a boat, or any vehicle impaired. Your life and the lives of everyone else on our roads and waterways isn’t worth the risk.”

Andrew James, Vehicular Crimes Chief

During this time period, the District Attorney’s office, through their No Refusal TxDOT Grant, will provide nurses, prosecutors, and investigators at various locations throughout the county and on Lake Conroe to assist law enforcement in obtaining blood evidence in cases were a DWI/BWI suspect refuses to provide a scientific sample.

Many Montgomery County law enforcement agencies have committed to increasing the number of officers on the streets and Lake Conroe to catch as many impaired drivers and boaters as possible.