HOUSTON (CW39) – There has been an increase of complaints about the road work happening town. With multiple projects happening at the same time, drivers can expect to see multiple lane closures, especially on the weekend.

So why all are all of these projects happening at the same time? Although it seems like a good idea to space them out… Danny from TxDOT says, “sorry for the inconvenience”, but the excuse is valid for why this is the case.  

Danny communicated that scheduling roadwork can be a hassle with back to back big events in town like we saw this year during rodeo and final four. Contractors are also not allow to schedule lane closures during big holiday weekends such as Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. This all eats away at time that work is able to be completed.

In the end there is just a limited number of weekends to get the work that needs to be done… done! This is also why… when the time allows… there WILL be multiple projects happening at once to keep the projects moving forward.

Overnight road work is ideal because crews clear before the thick of the morning drive. Some work is more extensive than others. Road work may not be able to be completed during a single overnight shift. This is why we see multiple weekend closures happening.

To keep up with construction projects across the state of Texas you can always go to drivetexas.org