HOUSTON (KIAH) – The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers that speeding is not only dangerous but also expensive.

Throughout the month of June “Operation Slowdown” will be in effect all over the state of Texas. This means police officers will out enforcing those speed limits and if you’re not paying close attention it could be costly.

TxDOT says 1 in 3 Texas vehicle deaths are due to speed. There’s been a 16% increase in speed-related crashes on Texas roadways within the last year.

In 2021, speed was the main reason we saw more thatn 163,000 traffic crashes in Texas, resulting in 1,532 deaths.

Here are some tips for being safe on the road:

  • Match your speed to the weather conditions and if you’re driving through a work zone
  • Slow down and allow for more space in between you and other cars when traffic is heavy
  • Watch for signs alerting you to speed limits ahead

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